Summit Working Group

Indiana’s water resources are a vital asset to the state – our abundant freshwater supplies are an economic attractor and contribute immeasurably to our quality of life. Cooperation and investment are required to protect their value and all they provide. Many good ideas are being put to work across the state, and there remains much to learn and plenty to do.

About the Working Group

In keeping with the shift toward a more action-oriented Indiana Water Summit, the Summit Working Group was organized in 2022 and introduced at the 2022 Summit. The Working Group members are an interdisciplinary set of dedicated professionals who have volunteered to contribute their time, expertise, and insights throughout the year. The Working Group—composed of leaders from public and private, state and local organizations, and communities across all sectors of the Indiana water community – will follow up on Summit content and refine it into proposed actions.

The purposes of the Summit Working Group include:

  • maintaining attention and momentum on issues highlighted in the Indiana Water Roadmap or addressed during the Indiana Water Summit,
  • bringing diverse perspectives and experiences to those issues, and
  • identifying actions that can be taken or advocated between Summits to help protect and improve Indiana’s water resources.

Through their deliberations and collaboration, the Working Group members may identify collaborative projects across sectors, innovative or cooperative funding methods, policy recommendations, public outreach and education initiatives, and so on.

Like the Summit, the Working Group’s agenda will revolve around the Indiana Water Roadmap that has been developed through extensive input and discussion in previous years. At their initial meetings, Working Group members listed short-term priorities of including more water users in their deliberations, increasing engagement with regulators, supporting greater legislator involvement and action on water issues, and advocating funding for water resource protection.

The Working Group is in the process of finalizing two products to be available soon: the 2022 Indiana Water Summit White Paper and a 2023 work plan. For more information about the Summit Working Group, or to express interest in joining, contact us

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