Strategic Plan

The Alliance serves as the premier resource for regional water quality by creating positive change through projects and educational initiatives that improve the White River Watershed for all users.

The White River Alliance (WRA) is a 16-county consortium of local governments, industry, utilities, universities, agriculture and the regional community that exists to improve and protect water quality on a watershed basis in the larger Upper White River Region. Local governments (cities, towns, and counties) are on the front lines of water quality protection, yet are faced with limited financial resources and changing regulatory expectations. We can do much more together than as individual communities to protect our vital water resources and leverage our financial and technical resources.

We are able to make use of our not-for-profit status to sponsor projects that support the needs and goals of all our members. The collective assests of the Alliance lead to an innovative regional approach to understanding and addressing water quality and land use changes.

As part of the White River Alliance’s revitalization in 2006, the officers and membership worked to develop a clear path forward. After a handful of facilitated sessions, the 5-year 2007-2011 Plan was drafted. Our active board and committees hold tight to strategic planning efforts which often result in regular updates to the plan as strategies are employed and objectives are accomplished.

Strategic Plan 2016-2020