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SB 389 – Anti-Wetlands Bill

Senate Bill 389 would eliminate the protection of Indiana’s state regulated, isolated, wetlands. Wetlands are critical to a healthy ecosystem. They are home to hundreds of species of plants and North American birds, many of which are endangered. Wetlands help keep our water clean by filtering sediment, chemicals, nutrients, and other harmful pollutants carried by stormwater runoff from reaching our waterways. They also work to recharge our aquifers by acting like giant sponges, soaking up floodwaters and slowly releasing them back into the ground. As you can see, wetlands are pretty important. For more specifics on wetlands and SB 389, check out the article below – Mythbusting on SB 389.

SB 389 has been passed in the Senate. Now it’s on to the House of Representatives. Please take action – contact your Representative and ask them to vote ‘NO’ on this bill. You can find your Representative in the link below.
Indiana House Contact Information

Not sure what’s fact or fiction about SB 389 and Indiana’s Isolated Wetlands? We (WRA), along with the Hoosier Environmental Council, have put together a list of some of the top myths out there regarding regulation of Indiana’s wetlands and done a little mythbusting for you.
Mythbusting on SB 389

In regards to Senate Bill 389, a letter of testimony from the White River Alliance to Chairman Messmer and Committee Members.
SB 389 WRA Testimony

A list of Indiana’s 2021 Senators:
Indiana Senators 2021

An update from the White River Alliance regarding SB 389.
SB 389 Update