Stormwater Landscape Maintenance Training

In many cities and towns, homeowner associations (HOAs) own and are required to maintain some of the stormwater infrastructure in their neighborhoods, including ponds, swales, check dams, shoreline plantings, rain gardens, pervious paving, and other features located on common property.

Stormwater Features and Development

Many developments, both commercial and residential, were designed and built with stormwater infrastructure for which the property owners—including HOAs and their property managers—are often now responsible.

Local governments are beginning to enforce maintenance requirements associated with these stormwater features. The lack of maintenance can cause a negative impact on important local water quality and quantity management.

In response, the White River Alliance, in conjunction with several municipalities, designed the Stormwater Landscape Maintenance Training in order to help Homeowners Associations, property managers, landscape contractors, and land developers understand these maintenance requirements and how to read Operation & Maintenance Plans in order to avoid corrective action.

The goal is to maintain properly functioning stormwater treatment facilities in order to prevent flooding, pollution, and other stormwater-related impacts, and keep infrastructure costs down in the long run.

The Training

Learn more about the Stormwater Landscape Maintenance Training with this short presentation!

New in 2022, the Stormwater Landscape Maintenance Training is available as an online course through our LearnDash platform. The training consists of 10 modules of video presentations that you can take at your own pace, simple (and voluntary) quizzes, and helpful resources that you can download or print.

The Stormwater Landscape Maintenance Training will help any responsible individual for maintaining property understand their obligations to any stormwater features that may be present.

The training is free of charge.
The first step in taking the training is to Create an Account by clicking the Create Account button. Once you have completed this step, you can click on the Training Modules button, login, and begin working through the modules.

Create Account Training Modules

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Do I have to attend this?

This training is not required, however understanding your responsibilities related to the stormwater infrastructure on your property or the property you maintain is vital to avoiding corrective action. While this has not been a major issue in the past, municipalities are beginning to enforce the O&M agreements signed by developers and passed to HOAs upon completion of the development. Knowing what is required and how to achieve the requirements is in the best interest of responsible parties. Enforcement may involve fines and/or required maintenance activities.

Who should attend?

HOA representatives, landscape maintenance contractors, property managers, and housing developers all share responsibility for O&M plans and should attend the training.

Do I need a certification?

At this time, there is no required certification to perform landscape maintenance or mechanical maintenance on stormwater facilities.

How do I get a copy of my neighborhood's O&M manual?
Contact the stormwater administrator for your municipality.

Who do I contact for more information about the program?

Please email us at