White River Art Canoes

Connecting people to the river through art and conversations.

2022 Art Canoes

The White River Art Canoes are back in an even bigger, more impactful way! 15 canoes will be installed in a variety of locations throughout the Upper White River Watershed. The themes of the canoes reflect discussions from our new Podcast “The Collective Tap”. You can find canoes in Muncie, Anderson, Noblesville, Carmel, Broad Ripple, Speedway, Downtown Indianapolis, and Martinsville. Scroll through the map below to see where each canoe is located and who the artist is!

Meet the Artists

Interested in learning more about the artist that designed your favorite canoe. Click on the button below to learn more about the 2022 Artists.

2022 Artists


The Collective Tap

THE COLLECTIVE TAP is a podcast about water and the many ways we interact with this critical resource every day. Some of those uses are obvious: washing dishes, swimming, or watering plants. Others are less obvious: generating energy, building roads, and manufacturing goods that travel far from the water’s source to reach their destination. But even given those many uses—and the many more users who expect clean water on demand—it’s easy to take for granted how critical this one resource is to life.

What, exactly, is the value of water? We try to answer this question through a series of engaging conversations with experts in their fields, and, hopefully, inspire a new appreciation of the waters you call home. Visit The Collective Tap website to learn more about each episode, the guests, and to follow The Collective Tap on all social media!

The Collective Tap

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2021 Art Canoes

In 2021, the inaugural year of White River Art Canoes, the White River Alliance, in partnership with the White River Vision Plan, placed 10 art canoes in key anchor locations along the White River in an effort to raise awareness of recent (and future) reinvestment and reinvigoration of Indianapolis’ waterways. Each of the canoes was painted by a different local artist from Marion County or Hamilton County as a way to draw out voices from the communities surrounding the White River and reflect the unique elements of the river at each location.

Did you miss seeing the 2021 Art Canoes while they were out on display? Here’s your opportunity to view images of the canoes while on display, and a few while in progress. Use the buttons below to view the gallery and find out more about the artists.

2021 Art Canoe Gallery About the Artists
A short video featuring two of the 2021 artists and the inspiration behind their canoe designs.
2021 Art Canoe Video