The Collective Tap Podcast

Do you value your water? Whether we think about it or not, water impacts almost everything we do every day.

The Collective Tap

THE COLLECTIVE TAP is a podcast about water and the many ways we interact with this critical resource every day. Some of those uses are obvious: washing dishes, swimming, or watering plants. Others are less obvious: generating energy, building roads, and manufacturing goods that travel far from the water’s source to reach their destination. But even given those many uses—and the many more users who expect clean water on demand—it’s easy to take for granted how critical this one resource is to life.

What, exactly, is the value of water? We try to answer this question through a series of engaging conversations with experts in their fields, and, hopefully, inspire a new appreciation of the waters you call home. Visit The Collective Tap website to learn more about each episode, the guests, and to follow The Collective Tap on all social media!

The Collective Tap

Podcast Seasons

Season 1: The Spigot

Topics: Water at home, Lawn Conservation, Water Quality, Access, and Affordability

Season 2: Well to Table

Topics: Agriculture and Live Stock, Food Industry, Beverage Industry, Alcohol Industry, Healthy Soils

Season 3: Hidden Life of Water

Topics: Manufacturing, Mining, Energy Use, Behind the Scenes Workers

Season 4: On the Water

Topics: Shoreline Communities, Recreation on the Water, Nature and Wildlife, Indigenous Perspective