StormWater Action Teams (SWAT)

Trillions of dangerous bacteria and literally tons of fertilizer and trash reach our local streams every year by way of street-side storm drains.

Become a Storm Drain Steward!

Storm drains are a normal part of street or parking lot infrastructure and are designed to collect and redirect excess runoff from rainfall or flooding. But, when these storm drains are clogged with leaves, debris, and trash, they cannot properly do their job and result in ponding and flooding. Additionally, large amounts of pollutants go down these drains including things such as fertilizer, oil and gas from streets, dissolved pet waste, and illegal household dumping of paint and other old chemicals. This is why we need YOUR help as a Storm Drain Steward to not only keep these storm drains clean but to educate your neighbors, family, and friends on the importance of the storm drains and the risks of anything besides rain going down them!

You can take a simple action pledge to adopt a storm drain in front of your house or work. If you want to make an even bigger difference, adopt a few on your block! Share your choice to adopt a storm drain on social media and hopefully your neighbors follow suit.

Take your leadership to the next level and host a SWAT (StormWater Action Team) event in your neighborhood, church, with your colleagues, or with a Scout troop!

Hosting a SWAT (StormWater Action Team) Event

Here’s how it works…
As a Storm Drain Steward, you will gather a SWAT for a given day and we will provide the materials needed. All you need to do is clean storm drains, educate and inspire others, have fun, and then report back to us afterwards!

Materials will include;

  • Educational door hangers
  • Gloves
  • Bags
  • Safety Vests
  • SWAT Bandanas (with $50 donation to WRA)

After your SWAT event, you will need to properly dispose of all trash collected.

Can’t get everyone together in one day? Consider hosting a multi-day or month long Adopt a Storm Drain effort using the Local Campaign feature inside of the Clear Choices Clean Water program.

Support SWAT

Become a Water Supporter

Everyone has a role to play! You can help us ensure SWAT’s success and affordability by directing your donation to SWAT and becoming a Water Supporter. No donation is too small or too large to be a Water Supporter. Your donation as a Water Supporter can be publicly recognized or remain anonymous. All donations are tax-deductible and will be utilized specifically for the SWAT program and its related efforts.