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Our Mission

The White River Alliance improves and protects water resources throughout Central Indiana. We are an alliance of diverse interests and organizations that work together to steward the River and its watershed.

  • Explore Your Watershed
    The Upper White River Watershed encompasses a 2,720 square mile area (1,740,544 acres) within central Indiana. Find where you live within it and explore activities available to you!


  • Get Involved
    From serving on a committee to planting a rain garden or volunteering for a river clean-up, there are lots of ways to give back to our watershed. Learn how here!

    Get Involved!

  • Educate Yourself
    Use our extensive resources, interactive tools, and links to external resources to educate yourself on water quality issues and learn where water from your property drains.

    Learn More!

  • Find Your Watershed Group
    Use our interactive map to find out what subwatershed you live in and if there is a local group working in your area on specific projects!

    Find out More!

Are you a…?

The White River and its tributaries suffer from excess nutrients and pesticides – You can help improve water quality, recreate important landscape function, and improve your operation by practicing conservation! Visit Page
Your business’ participation in conservation, restoration efforts, and watershed partnerships are imperative to increasing widespread awareness about the changes our environment needs! Visit Page
Regional education programs with coordinated key messages will inspire the cultural change we need to protect the White River! Visit Page
Help us create and protect ecologically functional landscapes to safeguard our water quality! Visit Page
Make your small part of the world an ally in our fight to improve water quality! Visit Page
The negative impacts of stormwater need to be managed regionally – we’re here to help. Visit Page or go straight to MS4 Login
This is your watershed and your quality of life, please become an active part of protecting it! Visit Page

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