David Savidge – SAVCOMM Lasered Products

Meet our friend, Laser Dave!

Dave has been involved in the Laser Engraving field since 2007. SAVCOMM specializes in custom one-of-a-kind designs. A few of his clients are nationally known, Bundy Ducks and Forest Landowners of Atlanta, GA, Hamilton County Parks Department of Carmel, IN, Austin-Healey of Indiana auto club, and the Indianapolis Rotary to name a few. All of their clients receive the same attention to detail for their projects whether it is one piece or 200. SAVCOMM strives to meet their client’s expectations of quality and timeliness. In February 2016, SAVCOMM was accepted as a member of the Indiana Bicentennial Commission’s Marketplace, which allows them to create and sell items promoting Indiana’s Bicentennial. You can reach David Savidge with SAVCOMM at 317-691-0843 or savcommlp@yahoo.com

Below are some examples of SAVCOMM products.

Race Winner Award

This award was created for Heartland Endurance Sports. It is made of acrylic with a walnut base.




Forest Landowner Award

Special award made of slab of Catalpa w/Catalpa base.



Indiana Bicentennial Commemorative

This LED Tea Candle box was created specifically for the 2016 Indiana Bicentennial.


White River Canoe Race Awards

These medallions were awarded to the top three finishers of the first-ever White River Canoe Race in 2023 hosted by White River Alliance, White River Canoe Company, and Canoe Country.