How You Can Help Protect the River

One simple way that you can help protect the White River is by taking an action pledge through Clear Choices Clean Water!

Clear Choices Clean Water is a program designed to increase awareness about the choices we make and the impacts they have on our streams, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. After all, this is our drinking water, the water we play in, and a vital part of nature’s ecosystems. Water-friendly practices help to protect our precious water resources. By educating individuals about everyday actions and giving them the tools needed to make behavior changes, Clear Choices Clean Water empowers everyone to do their part for water quality and conservation.

The focal point of the program is a unique, interactive website that is supported by complementary outreach resources and built-in viral marketing elements. An action-oriented pledge platform provides website users with immediate personalized data about the positive impacts a specific action(s) has made for our waters. Pledges are also ‘put on the map’ via a push pin marker that helps the pledge taker visualize how their action pledge, alongside thousands of others, will protect water resources in their watershed. These two outcomes help people comprehend exactly how they made a difference (e.g. pollution load reduced or gallons of water saved) and allow them to feel part of something bigger, something socially relevant, something transformative.

The best way to understand our efforts is to TAKE A PLEDGE – try any of the action pledge options below! You’ll be able to see the type of outputs pledge takers receive, experience the auto-email reminders, get a chance to share your pledge to social media, and invite a friend to pledge too!

If you’d like to see how the pledges appear on a watershed-based map, visit our visit our Indiana Affiliate map as an example.