Agenda & Speakers

Kick-Off Agenda

Water Summit 2019- August 14, Kick-Off

When: August 14th Where: Conner Prairie
Our Water World – a workshop on the Basics, the Connections, the 101 of Indiana’s Waters
5:00 pm Ask-an-Expert Welcome Reception and Networking
6:00 pm Welcome Address
6:10 pm How Water is Organized and Assessed in Indiana – Watersheds, Sampling Efforts, Studies, Listings/Uses
How Water is Regulated – Federal, State, and Local Water Laws
7:00 pm What are the Greatest Threats to Our Water – Key Pollutants and Risks, Land Use Connections, Critical Resources Protection 
What Activities are Needed for a Sustainable Water Future – Introducing Indiana’s Road Map and Water Dashboard 

Action Forum Agenda

Water Summit 2019- August 15, Action Forum

When: August 15th Where: The Athenaeum
Our Water Foundation
8:30 am Welcome
8:40 am In the Watershed:  A Journey Down the Maumee River Ryan Schnurr, Author
9:00 am Lessons from the Trenches of Texas’s State and Regional Water Planning Robert Mace, Water Policy Officer, Texas State
9:40 am Advancing Indiana’s State and Regional Water Planning Designing a Road Map and Dashboard for Our Water Future
10:00 am Break
10:20 am Legislative Initiatives and State Funded Water Studies
  • Jim McGoff, Indiana Finance Authority
  • Legislative Panel Discussion
11:10 am Data Cooperation: A Review of Current Resources and New Opportunities Indiana Water Monitoring Council
11:30 am Our Water’s Regulator Framework
  • Curt DeVoe, Plews Shadley Racher & Braun
  • Erica Spitzig, Taft (pending)
12:00 pm LUNCH  —
Our Water Landscape
12:45 pm Agriculture
  • Three Farms on the Forefront of Sustainable Agriculture
  • How Does Widespread Agricultural Change Happen – Panel Discussion
  • Prioritization Activity – Indiana Water Roadmap
1:40 pm Climate and Stormwater
  • Climate Change and Our Water:  Implication for Flooding, Infrastructure, Water Quality, and Economics
  • A Case Study with a Solution Set:  Learning from the Kankakee
  • Prioritization Activity – Indiana Water Roadmap
2:40 pm Break
3:00 pm Quality of Life
  • Debunking False Trade-Offs:  the Relationship Between a Healthy Environment and Healthy Communities
  • Investing in Our Riverfronts and Nature
  • Prioritization Activity – Indiana Water Roadmap
4:00 pm Video Highlights from the Three Regional Planning Forums
4:10 pm Learning from Minnesota:  The Water Main’s Effort to Build Public Will and a Water Ethic Amy Skoczlas Cole, Managing Director, The Water Main
4:45 pm Summary and Next Steps for State and Regional Planning
5:00 pm Happy Hour Networking and Live Music


Ryan Schnurr
Ryan Schnurr is the author of In the Watershed: A Journey Down the Maumee River (2017) and a PhD student in American Studies at Purdue University. His essays and reportage have been published by Atlas Obscura,, Old Northwest Review, Midwestern Gothic, and Belt Magazine, among other publications, and have been included in the anthologies Rust Belt Chicago (Belt, 2017) and Voices from the Rust Belt (Picador, 2018). He was born and lives in northeast Indiana.
Robert Mace
Robert Mace is the Interim Executive Director and Chief Water Policy Officer of The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment and a Professor of Practice in the Department of Geography at Texas State University. Robert has over 30 years of experience in hydrology, hydrogeology, stakeholder processes, and water policy. Robert has a B.S. in Geophysics and an M.S. in Hydrology from the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology and a Ph.D. in Hydrogeology from The University of Texas at Austin. His residential consumption of water is under 30 gallons per person per day (and would be lower if his wife was more cooperative!).
Amy Skoczlas Cole
Amy Skoczlas Cole has worked to reimagine the systems that deliver clean water, sustainable food, and clean energy to society over a 25-year career within leading companies, foundations, and non-profits. Currently, she leads the Water Main, American Public Media Group’s groundbreaking new effort to redefine Americans’ relationship with this most vital of resources. The Water Main builds public will for clean, affordable, accessible water by catalyzing content, dialogue, and engagement designed to raise understanding and spur action. Before joining APMG, Amy was the founder of a strategic advisory firm focused redefining the relationship between people, planet, and the global economy. Her clients included Safe Water Network, the McKnight Foundation, and the Nature Conservancy. She was also the founding chair of the Minnesota Sustainable Growth Coalition, a group of over 30 global businesses collaborating to drive a circular economy. She currently serves as the Vice Chair of the Great Plains Institute for Sustainable Development, the co-Chair of the Minnesota Sustainable Growth Coalition, and on the expert advisory board for media. Amy holds an MBA from George Washington University and a BA from Vanderbilt University.
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Erica Spitzig
Erica Spitzig is an Associate at Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP in Cincinnati, Ohio. Erica focuses her practice on environmental matters. Prior to joining Taft, she served as Deputy General Counsel for the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) in Washington, DC, where she worked to advance NACWA’s legal advocacy on behalf of publicly owned wastewater and stormwater utilities nationwide. Erica has significant experience representing clients on Clean Water Act matters, and has worked extensively with municipalities on clean water legal and regulatory issues. Her work includes counseling clients on NPDES permitting, compliance, and appeals; stormwater permitting; and enforcement defense. Erica also served as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Ohio, where she litigated Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act enforcement matters and administrative appeals. Erica received her J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center, and her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Franciscan University of Steubenville.