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SWAT Corporate Action Day

November 15, 2019 - 1:00 pm

City of Carmel

With trillions of dangerous bacteria and literally tons of fertilizer and trash entering our local streams every year by way of street-side storm drains, it has a big impact on public health, water quality and wildlife. Small acts of stewardship in the communities we work and live in can help solve this problem.
Join us for a SWAT Corporate Action Day in Carmel taking part in small acts of stewardship. Form a team to start making a difference for our water today!

We will meet at a central point for instructions before heading out to our target areas and reconvene for a beer and refreshments after the work is done.
For more information, visit our Programs tab at thewhiteriveralliance.org.
To register, email Scott Minor at scott@thewhiteriveralliance.org.