Water Summit Campaign

Invest in Indiana’s Water Future –
Support the Water Summit!

While the launch of the annual Indiana Water Summit has been made possible by generous support from the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust, the Summit’s future relies on support from people like you, Indiana’s Water Investors. The Summit is a widely inclusive event that does not boast typical corporate sponsorships. Rather, its long-term future depends upon routine support of many individual and organizations – much in the same way that protecting our water future is dependent on broad and diverse cooperation.

Everyone has a role to play! You can help us insure the Water Summit’s success and affordability by becoming part of this Water Investors group. No donation is too small or too large to be an Investor. All Water Investors will be equally recognized and appreciated. All donations are tax-deductible and will be utilized specifically for the Summit and its related efforts.

Invest in our Waters

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Recent Contributors

Business: Morgan County Rural Water Corporation08/16/2019
Business: INTERA Incorporated07/22/2019
Individual: Summer Elmore08/16/2018
Individual: Joseph Black08/06/2018
Family: Carr08/06/2018
Individual: Julie Rhodes07/31/2018
Business: Mundell & Associates, Inc.07/30/2018
Individual: John Marquis07/30/2018
Business: Vermillion Rise Mega Park07/27/2018
Business: Biomonitor, Inc.07/24/2018
Business: Taylor University07/23/2018
Individual: John Goss07/23/2018
Business: D2 Land & Water Resource, Inc.07/20/2018
Business: Two Forks Guide Service06/25/2018
Individual: Ed McKinley06/24/2018
Business: HWC Engineering06/21/2018
Individual: Chuck Brinkman06/21/2018
Indvidual: Janice Black06/21/2018
Individual: Lorraine Wright06/19/2018
Family: Gorman/Kimmell Family06/12/2018
Individual: Jeff Martin06/04/2018
Family: Bill & Liza Blomquist06/01/2018