Trained Individual Contractor Certification

What is the Trained Individual Contractor Certification Program?

The Trained Individual Contractor Certification Program provides training and testing for those responsible for the management of Rule 5-permitted construction projects in Indiana, also known as a “Trained Individual”. The focus is on the implementation of construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) through the proper installation, maintenance and inspection of erosion, sediment, and other pollution controls, also known as construction-phase best management practices (BMPs). The program is designed to provide contractors with the knowledge to better manage their Rule 5 construction sites and stay in compliance with local stormwater ordinances.

Why is this training important?

Rule 5 enforcement has been going on in Indiana for more than 10 years, but municipal inspectors still report seeing many of the most basic Rule 5 violations on sites during the construction season.  And construction site runoff is one of the leading pollution sources to local streams, and is, therefore a regulatory and quality-of-life priority for all local municipalities. With all of these violations and the amount of runoff entering our streams, our MS4 coordinators agree that far too many of the contractors really do not understand the practices that they have the task and responsibility of installing, maintaining and eventually removing. Contractors need to be knowledgeable enough to know when a practice is failing or is even ill-prescribed for given site conditions. This training provides them with the information to fix the failure effectively and/or work with the project engineer to ensure that the construction site stays in compliance (therefore avoiding fines and stop-work orders).  Enforcement is on the rise; therefore, being trained and certified is a great way to stay in compliance, and even secure future business as a responsible contractor.

Basic Training Track

The program offers two tracks, the first of which is a Basic Training & Certification focused on the installation, maintenance and inspection of the most common construction BMPs, in addition to regulatory and other relevant information.  Those who complete the Basic Training and pass the optional test receive a Trained Individual Certification and are added to a database of Trained Individuals. The database allows participating municipalities to verify contractor qualifications.  We highly recommend starting with this track to ensure a good understanding of the fundamentals.

Advanced Training Track

The second track is designed as a Continuing Ed / Advanced Training that covers a variety of topics developed each year, such as SWPPP development and implementation challenges, stormwater industry trends, emerging technologies, green infrastructure, regulatory changes, case studies and other development and stormwater-related components.  The Advanced Training is designed to provide continuing education for Trained Individuals but is open to anyone.


Only those who complete the Basic Training and pass the test obtain a Trained Individual Certification, which is valid for two years.  Once certified, one must attend either a Basic Training or Advanced Training at least once every two years to maintain the certification.  No re-testing is required to maintain the certification unless it is allowed to expire, in which case re-testing is required to renew the certification. If your certification has expired, you can attend either Basic or Advanced Training. However, you must sit for the Basic Training exam if you want to renew your certification. Have more questions about which class you need to attend? Visit our FAQ page for more detailed questions about the tracks and testing.


Both Trained Individual Certification Trainings are offered on the same day in late February or early March at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds in Noblesville. The workshop runs from 8:30 am-3:30 pm. Lunch, snacks, and workshop materials are provided. The cost of the workshop is $95.

Registration is NOW OPEN for the March 2018 workshop.

If you are a VENDOR looking to exhibit or be a sponsor of the workshop – REGISTER HERE.

Trained Individual FAQs