Trained Individual Contractor Certification

What is the Trained Individual Contractor Certification Program?

The White River Alliance in conjunction with participating municipal partners (regulated MS4/stormwater entities) offer this training and certification program to help contractors meet the “Trained Individual” requirement as defined by Indiana Administrative Code 327 15-5-1 (also known as Rule 5).  The program is designed to provide contractors with the knowledge to better manage their Rule 5 construction sites and stay in compliance with local stormwater ordinances.  The training includes a technical reference and training manual, an interactive one-day workshop with material demos, and the opportunity to take a certification test. Completion of the workshop and associated certification test is then tracked in a database and made available to area municipalities who are interested in verifying Trained Individuals associated with projects in their jurisdictions.

Many other training programs exist that focus on becoming a “Certified Inspector” for Rule 5 sites.  However, this program is designed from the perspective of the contractor, rather than that of an outside inspector. Program content targets specific best management practices, including the mechanics of how these practices are designed to work, as well as how to better install and maintain them from the contractors perspective.

Why is this training important?

Rule 5 enforcement has been going on in Indiana for more than 10 years, but municipal inspectors still report seeing many of the most basic Rule 5 violations on sites during the construction season.  Through multiple discussions with numerous contractors regarding the issues and problems, it became clear to our participating MS4 coordinators that far too many of the contractors really do not understand the practices that they have the task and responsibility of installing, maintaining and eventually removing. Contractors need to be knowledgeable enough to know when a practice is failing or is even ill-prescribed for given site conditions. This will allow them to fix the failure effectively and/or work with the project engineer to insure that the construction site stays in compliance (therefore avoiding fines and stop-work orders). Construction site run-off is one of the leading pollution sources to local streams and is therefore a regulatory and quality-of-life priority for all local municipalities. Enforcement is on the rise; therefore, being trained and certified is a great way to stay in compliance, and even secure future business as a responsible contractor.

Who should attend and what if I was certified last year?

Contractors, builders, developers and engineers will all benefit from attending; however, the training is definitely targeted to contractors and those physically developing the site.  Continuing education credits for engineers are available for this program.

Certifications are valid for two years from the date the test was passed. If you attended and passed the test last year, you do not need to attend again this year; however, you will need to attend the following year in order to keep your certification valid. Gaps in certification will require retesting. If you attended last year, but did not take the test, you can attend the workshop again and sit for the test, or just register to sit for the test. Likewise, if you attended last year and passed the test and simply want to refresh your knowledge, you are welcomed and encouraged to attend again this year. This year, both the Trained Individual Contractor Training and Certification Program and a new Advanced Track will be offered to participants. The Trained Individual Contractor Training and Certification Program will continue to be offered every year. The Advanced Track will be offered for the first time in 2017. The Advanced Track is open to all. For those who have previously obtained the Trained Individual certification, the Advanced Track counts towards the 2-year recertification requirement.

If you are uncertain of your certification standing or have other program questions, please contact Lisa at

About the advanced track

The Trained Individual Advanced Track is open to all, however it is designed for individuals who have completed the Trained Individual Contractor Training and Certification Program. The Advanced Track training will be interactive in nature as participants will work in small groups to plan, implement, and evaluate SWPPP BMPs. The training will work to uncover and address break-downs in communication, design, and installation between site owners, engineers, and contractors through assessment of a real-life site example. Completing the activities during the Advanced Track will recertify a previously certified Trained Individual for another two years. The draft agenda for the Advanced Track is now available. Please note that this is a draft agenda and that the order of presentation and topics of discussion are subject to change.

When is training and certification offered?

The 2017 workshop and testing is March 1 at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds. Workshop 8:30am – 3:30 pm. Lunch, snacks, and workshop materials are provided. Cost of the workshop is $85.


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