Municipality Membership Benefits

The White River Alliance has a lot to offer you and YOU have a lot to offer us!  Get Involved!!

Municipalities make up a critical element of our membership. We work to regularly increase the benefits that we provide these key members. Municipalities can participate in the White River Alliance simply as regular members or they can also opt to join our regional MS4 public education program for an additional fee.

In 2009, the White River Alliance launched its regional education efforts through the coordination of several area MS4s. Any MS4 in the Upper White River Watershed is eligible and welcome to participate in the program. The objective of the program is to pool financial resources and then work collaboratively through the Alliance to implement a high-quality public education and involvement program. This coordinated approach allows for unified messaging and buying power. The yearly program deliverables are dependent upon the number of participating MS4s (total budget), as well as the objectives and desires of the committee of participating MS4s. If you have questions about this program and its fees please contact Please consider joining us as a member or also as an MS4 education partner!

Your annual member benefits include:

  • Outward expression of your community’s quality of life commitment
  • Participation in resource protection that will increase economic development and competitiveness of our region
  • Networking opportunities with municipal counterparts and technical professionals
  • Technical education opportunities for personnel at discounted rates (CEUs)
  • Efficiency, increase leverage, and maximization of funds through shared programming
  • Association with credible, community stakeholder groups
  • Community engagement opportunities
  • Participation in tangible water quality protection and other resource conservation projects
  • Access to annual program reports and outreach statistics
  • Recognition opportunities at the annual Stewardship Awards Event
  • Listing as a Municipal member on the White River Alliance website
  • Eligibility to serve on Alliance Board of Directors
Membership Opportunities Contribution
City (250,000+ population) $5,000
County or Municipality (75,000+) $2,000
County or Municipality (< 75,000) $1,000
Municipality (< 5,000) $500