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The City of Indianapolis constructed the Eagle Creek Reservoir (ECR), prior to and through 1967. The primary purpose for its development was flood control on Eagle Creek.

Maintenance and Inspection

Septic system maintenance is the responsibility of the homeowner.  Systems should be periodically inspected and pumped.  If properly maintained, a septic system should provide long-term treatment of household wastewater.

Septic maintenance can be as easy as following a few simple do’s and don’ts.

Maintenance do’s

  • Reduce water usage
  • Have your septic tank professionally pumped on a regular basis
  • Keep vehicles off of septic tanks and absorption fields
  • Direct water from downspouts away from the drain field
  • Inspect your septic tank (every 1 to 3 years)
  • Limit garbage disposal use
  • Install risers for easy access to the septic tank

Maintenance don’ts

  • Flush solid wastes such as diapers, cigarettes, coffee grounds, condoms, tampons, etc.
  • Put strong cleaning chemicals down the drain
  • Construct patios, carports, or use landscaping fabric over the absorption field
  • Landscape with trees over the absorption field Septic system self inspections can be performed by you, the homeowner. The following brochures provide information on how to make a measuring stick for the stick test and also how to perform the stick test.