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The City of Indianapolis constructed the Eagle Creek Reservoir (ECR), prior to and through 1967. The primary purpose for its development was flood control on Eagle Creek.

Landscaping over Septic Systems

Septic systems can sometimes have unsightly pipes and components.  These areas can be landscaped around to improve the appearance of the area.  Homeowners however need to make cautious decisions about the plants they select, so as to not interfere with the operations of the septic system.

Here are some helpful tips on landscaping over septic systems:

  • Consider using native plants
  • Use plants suited for dry soils
  • Choose lower maintenance plants
  • Don’t plant trees or woody shrubs over absorption fields
  • Never plant fruit or vegetable plants over septic systems

The following publication provides information on plants suitable for use of septic systems as well as other helpful tips.

Landscaping Over Septic Systems with Native Plants