Mapleton-Fall Creek Green Roof

Mapleton-Fall Creek Development Corporation (MFCDC) has used cost-share funding provided by the UWRWA to install a 352 square foot green roof on top of a shelter located at the Ruckle Street Park. This park is one of three pocket parks under development in the Mapleton-Fall Creek neighborhood. MFCDC has approached the design of the parks with sustainable and innovative development practices to address stormwater management concerns.  They have also created natural environments and utilized repurposed materials as much as possible while constructing these parks.  Mapleton-Fall Creek is one of the areas most affected by Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO) and efforts like these will help mitigate CSO events.
Estimated pollutant load reductions for the green roof are:
  • nitrogen – 0.113 lb/yr
  • phosphorus – 0.046 lb/yr
  • sediment – 7.35 lbs/yr