MacGregor Park Pervious Pavers and Tree Planting

The provided cost-share funding to Washington Township Parks and Recreation for the installation of pervious pavers and native trees and shrubs as part of a larger initiative at MacGregor Park. The larger MacGregor Park initiative includes the conversion of nine acres of cropland to recreational greenspace by planting over 4 acres of native prairie plants and two bioswales, in addition to the nearly 310 native trees and shrubs and 3350 square feet of pervious pavers. A parking lot, a one mile limestone trail, two picnic shelters, and an outdoor learning center will all be constructed as a part of the project.
The need for the project at MacGregor Park has been demonstrated by the severe erosion that has occurred on Lindley Ditch, which is located on the north side of the project. It has also been determined by the lndiana Statewide Outdoor Recreation Plan that Hamilton County is critically deficient in natural greenspace. By implementing the best management practices at the park, Washington Township Parks and Recreation hopes to restore and protect the land all while managing stormwater runoff and providing an outdoor recreational and educational space for the community.
Estimated pollutant load reductions for the pervious pavers are:
  • nitrogen – 20 lbs/yr
  • phosphorus – 2 lbs/yr
  • sediment – 1368 lbs/yr
  • nitrogen – 36 lbs/yr
  • phosphorus – 19 lbs/yr
  • sediment – 28,000 lbs/yr
for the tree and shrub planting.