Broadway United Methodist Church Rain Garden

Members of the Broadway United Methodist Church, neighborhood volunteers, the Fall Creek Watershed Partnership, and the teamed together to install the 560 square foot triangular rain garden located behind the church’s sign. The rain garden was constructed in this location to help with the large amount of stormwater runoff from the church’s slate roof.
The rain garden, located at Broadway and Fall Creek Drive (Indianapolis), was planted with twelve different native plant species to filter pollutants and manage stormwater runoff. Plant species installed include: Prairie Dropseed, Meadow Sedge, Tufted Hair Grass, Blue Mist Flower, Smooth Beard Tongue, Foxglove Beard Tongue, Mountain Mint, Showy Black-Eyed Susan, Riddell’s Goldenrod, Heath Aster, Purple Coneflower, and Blue Flag Iris.
Estimated pollutant load reductions for the rain garden are:
  • nitrogen – 0.634 lb/yr
  • phosphorus – 0.089 lb/yr
  • sediment – 138 lbs/yr